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Something for the upcoming exhibit on MAS week :-)

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Miss u pls.

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To K,

Let’s expose our love. Let’s tell our parents we’re madly in love and laugh when we see the shock on their faces. Let’s be in our own little world where no one else can enter because we can’t get enough of each other. Even when we’re old and gray, our love will still shine in our eyes. I don’t ever want to stop feeling like we’re on top of the world. I want our children to tell their children one day how we met, how soulmates do exist and how they never give up searching.

Most of all, let’s go on a million adventures and never stop living like it’s our last day. Because even in death, I hope to be right beside you, creating new ones. I love you and I will never get tired of taking care of you. :-)

#KMAL :-)  
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This pretty much sums up my artworks from 2013. 

Sana makagawa pa ako next year :) 

Happy new year, everyone! :)



Chloe Moretz <3

Cara <3 

Thank you Vin for fixing this.. Keh..


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I’ll soon be giving away these bookmarks hehe :)

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Sinetch anek

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